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RDX Cartridge 750GB

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Media for RDX Removable Hard Drive Storage System.

Data transfer rate with up to 35.0* MB/s

  • Drag-and-drop file transfers
  • Cartridge-write protection with write protect switch
  • RDX docking station connectivity
  • Shock, vibration, static protection
  • Capacity label
  • Read and write compatible to all RDX docking stations
  • The Freecom RDX Removable Storage System is designed to protect your business’s valuable assets. It uses a rugged, removable disk cartridge and docking station that backs up just like a tape drive. The Freecom RDX Storage System is able to back up more than 125GB of data per hour and allows you to access files instantly. Cartridge capacities range from 160GB to 640GB, making storage options extremely flexible. And you’ll never run out of storage space, simply add more removable cartridges as your data needs expand. Its enterprise-class features provide the data protection of large IT data centers, so it can support your company as it grows, and all at an affordable price.

    Freecom’s RDX Removable Hard Drive Storage System combines the robust RDX technology with professional Barracuda (formerly Yosemite) software to make protecting data even easier. The software installs in minutes and delivers fast backups and accurate restores with minimal manual eff ort or expertise.

  • 750 GB cartidge for every RDX docking station
  • 3 years Warranty throughout Europe